World Taekwondo Organization Presents Honorary 9th Degree Black Belt to President Trump

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Mar-a-lago, Florida 11/22/21 — In the above video, John Bachman of Newsmax reports that President Trump was presented with an Honorary 9th Degree Black Belt over the weekend.

Photos shared from Kukkiwon’s Facebook page.

The U.S.-based TaeKwonDo GrandMaster Eungil Choi (to left of Trump in photo) helped organize the presentation. Choi is also a ninth degree blackbelt.

TaeKwonDo is an Olympic sport and the official sport of South Korea. Widely practiced in both North and South Korea, including by the military, it is one area of commonality that brings the two Koreas together. The South Korea-based Kukkiwon TaeKwonDo headquarters has helped arrange past visit to the U.S. and demonstrations by the North Korean demonstration team.

– Sharyl Attkisson

The prestigious gift was presented by the president of the Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo Headquarters, Lee Dong-seop. The martial arts delegation traveled from South Korea to Mar-a-lago to make the honored presentation to former President Donald J. Trump.

Kukkiwon President Lee Dong-seop presented President Trump with the Honorary 9th Degree Black Belt, an Honorary 9th Dan Rank Certificate and a custom taekwondo uniform called a dobok. At one point President Trump autographed a dobok.

“It is my pleasure and honor to receive this honorary certificate. Taekwondo is a great martial art for protecting oneself in these times,” Mr. Trump said, adding that he will wear the taekwondo suit in the U.S. Congress if he makes it back to the White House. The former president also invited the Kukkiwon Taekwondo demonstration team to the United States.

– Korean Newspaper: The Dong-a Ilbo

A 9th Degree Black Belt is the highest rank in some styles of martial arts while other styles have ranks that reach as high as 10th Degree Black Belts, often reserved for the founder or head of the style.

Honorary Black Belts are sometimes presented as honored gifts by martial arts organizations much as universities often present honorary degrees to public officials.

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