Tonfa no Ichi Kata Kobudo First Tonfa Form Outdoor Practice Session Video

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The above video shows an outdoor practice session of a Matsubayashi kobudo kata named Tonfa no Ichi (or Tuifa no Ichi). Tonfa no Ichi kata simply means first tonfa form, though it is actually the second tonfa form that I learned. I videoed this practice session in my backyard on 10/24/21.

Periodically video taping practice sessions like this is a great way to review and analyze your performance. On video you can see what you are doing well and where you can continue to improve. Practicing Karate/Kobudo is always a constant process of learning, evaluating and improving.

Stay tuned for my next post where I will break this tonfa kata down into a step-by-step reference to help anyone who may want to learn it as well.

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Arigato Gozaimasu (Thank You Very Much!)
-Renshi Mike Scaramozzino

Shoshin Nagamine's book The Essence of Okinawan Karate-do Matsubayashi Ryu

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