Michael J. Scaramozzio
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Sempai Michael J. Scaramozzino
Sensei Michael J. Scaramozzino

Michael J. Scaramozzino is a Sandan (3rd degree black belt) in Matsubayashi Ryu / Shorin Ryu karate which he has been studying since 2004.

He is also a Shodan (Black belt) in Kobudo (Okinawan weapons) which he has been studying since 2011.

In addition to his Karate and Kobudo training Michael has also been practicing the Yang Style 24 Step Tai Chi Form since 2017.

Michael holds the teaching rank of waka-Sensei (New or Half Sensei). He trains and teaches as a member of the Team Elite staff at the Academy of Traditional Karate in Wilmington, MA.

In 2022 Michael graduated as a graphic design student from the Honors College at UMass Lowell.

Becoming a Black Belt

MJS Becoming a Black Belt

Watch MJ transform from a shy 4 year old karateka to a confident 19 year old Nidan – 2nd Degree Black Belt – in this 2 minute time-lapse video.