Qigong – Nourishing the Kidneys

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After learning and practicing the Baduanjin movements, I also added another movement to my Qigong practice sessions. In addition to being vital organs for health, in Qigong theory the kidneys are considered to be a major source of Qi (Vital Energy). As such, there are a number of Qigong exercises that directly target the kidneys. This particular exercise opens and clears the kidney meridians to increase the flow of Qi and helps strengthen and energize the kidneys in addition to other benefits. It’s based on an exercise described in the book The Art of Chi Kung.

Qigong – Nourishing the Kidneys Steps

  • Slowly breathe in as you focus on the soles of your feet.
  • Slowly breathe out as you bend forward reaching for your toes.
  • Visualize your Qi flowing down your spine, through your arms, to energize your palms.
  • Slowly breathe in as you rise up placing your energized palms on your lower back.
  • Slowly breathe out as you gently arch your back.
  • Visualize your Qi flowing from your palms into your kidneys to massage and nourish them.
  • Slowly breathe in as you return to the starting position and focus on the soles of your feet again.

I typically do about ten full repetitions of this exercise as part of a larger Qigong routine.

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Arigato Gozaimasu (Thank You Very Much!)
-Renshi Mike Scaramozzino

The Qigong Movement in this video is based on one described in the book The Art of Chi Kung.
The Art of Chi Kung

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