Martial Arts Makes an Amazing Appearance — The Apostle Simon the Zealot in the Record-breaking Crowdsourced Hit Series “The Chosen”

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The above video is a compilation of clips showing various stages in the life of the Apostle Simon the Zealot, or Simon Z, as shown in the record-breaking crowdsourced series The Chosen by Angel Studios. This particular interpretation depicts Simon Z as a highly trained religious fighter who agrees to lay down his weapon when he turns to follow Jesus. Simon Z is first introduced in episode 4 of season 2 in the series.

As a martial artist training in karate and kobudo, I was especially intrigued by the scenes showing Simon the Zealot (Simon Z) practicing knife drills in a group, performing segments of what looked like kata/forms, executing spinning kicks and even an impressive backflip kick. The actor who plays Simon the Zealot, Alaa Safi (Alaa Oumouzoune) is an accomplished martial artist. Alaa began training in the martial arts at the young age of seven and has won several international martial arts titles, including the Taekwondo World Championship at 18. Alaa has performed as a stuntman and actor in many movies including the 2012 film Chinese Zodiac with Jackie Chan as Vulture.

Season 1 Trailer of The Chosen

Season 2 Trailer of The Chosen, Introducing Simon the Zealot

Season 3 Trailer of The Chosen

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