How to Practice the Advanced Bo Kata Nagamine no Kon on Video

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Last fall I had videoed a series of sessions practicing additional kobudo kata and drills. As I get a chance over the next few months to review and edit them, I’ll post the videos along with step-by-step breakdowns of the kata and drills. The video above is an advanced kobudo bo form, kata Nagamine no Kon.

Nagamine no Kon features a series of powerful reverse-cut horizontal strikes that we call Nagamine strikes in honor of Shoshin Nagamine. These moves often begin with a horizontal high block to block an attacker’s vertical down strike to the head. The horizontal block is then followed by bringing the bo down to execute a powerful reverse-cut horizontal strike to the ribs.

As I had mentioned in a previous post, it is useful to periodically video practice sessions like this as a great way to find any little glitches and areas that could use further refinement. Sometimes you may notice differences between how you thought you were performing certain moves verses how you are actually performing them. So these video exercises help me find all the areas to continue improving. They may also help others who may be working on the same material. As such, these videos are not intended as perfect examples, but rather as works in progress and snapshots in time.

In my next blog post, I’ll present a step-by-step breakdown of this kata along with a one page reference sheet to help others learn and practice the kata. Stay tuned!

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Shoshin Nagamine's book The Essence of Okinawan Karate-do Matsubayashi Ryu

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