Gojushiho (54 Steps)

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Gojushiho is a kata that means 54 steps. It is the longest kata that I have learned to date and has some sections that are unlike previous kata. One of these sequences is a drunken move where the person performing the kata raises a leg and appears off balance. Then your leg comes down and you are once again grounded.

For an application of moves in the Gojushiho kata I chose to present a section that had a beaked strike. I used this as a way to clear the attackers arm and get inside. I then adapted the kick to a knee since I was close to my attacker and finally finished with a takedown to control him on the ground.

[Please forgive the softness of the video. The camera’s auto-focus failed to focus at the proper distance and because it was a recording of a live event there was only one take possible.]

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-Sempai MJ Scaramozzino

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