Father & Son Fuso Kumi Bo Promotional Performance Video

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Sempai Michael J. Scaramozzino, Kyoshi Todd Keane, Renshi Michael Scaramozzino

The above video shows our promotional performance of the basic kobudo bo drill, Fuso Kumi Bo, that we performed at my recent kobudo promotional on 7/31/21. The drill helps train distance, timing and reactions for both defending and attacking with the rokushaku bo (6′ staff). This video was shot at the dojo where we train and teach, The Academy of Traditional Karate, in Wilmington, MA. We each took a turn performing both the defending and attacking sides of the drill. Two different angles are included in the video for reference.

I was honored to receive my Kobudo Nidan promotion from my Sensei and owner of the dojo, Kyoshi Todd Keane. Our dojo’s Kobudo program generally only promotes up to Shodan. But since I’ve been consistently training and teaching kobudo as a Shodan since 2012, and am now taking over as head teacher of the Kobudo program, I was promoted to Nidan in Kobudo.

Below is a flashback video of our father & son performance of the same Fuso Kumi Bo drill way back in 2012. At the time, I was a new Shodan in Kobudo and I had just taught the defending side of the drill to MJ who was a brown belt in Kobudo. My favorite part of the martial arts is to be able to travel the path of Karate/Kobudo with my son and watch him grow up from a little talented karate kid to an accomplished martial artist adult, who has now outgrown me!

See our Kobudo/Fuso Kumi Bo page for additional demonstration videos of this bo drill, including both practice and freestyle versions as well as for a step-by-step breakdown and reference sheet to use when learning and practicing the drill.

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Arigato Gozaimasu (Thank You Very Much!)
-Renshi Mike Scaramozzino

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