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The Key & The Lock
The Key & The Lock 鍵

One day long ago, a highly accomplished martial artist had reached the limits of his training. He desired to break through his current limits to reach new heights. So, he set off on a quest. He journeyed far and wide … Read More

Boards Don't Hit Back. But Dummies Do!
Boards Don’t Hit Back, But Dummies Do!

The below knock-out video that’s going around social media made me think of the famous Bruce Lee quote from Enter the Dragon. “Boards don’t hit back.” — Bruce Lee, But, apparently, dummies do! I hope that poor kid was OK. … Read More

Tonfa no Ichi First Tonfa Form
Tonfa no Ichi Kata – First Tonfa/Tuifa Form

The above video shows an outdoor practice session of a Matsubayashi kobudo kata named Tonfa no Ichi (or Tuifa no Ichi). Tonfa no Ichi kata simply means first tonfa form, though it is actually the second tonfa form that I … Read More

Hanshi Bernard Tournament Kata Champion – Still Mind Martial Arts Masters Series (#3)
Hanshi Richard Bernard: Tournament Kata Champion

Still Mind Martial Arts Masters Series (#3) Profile and Interview with Hanshi Richard Bernard We are honored to bring you the next installment of our Still Mind Martial Arts Masters Series (#3) Hanshi Richard Bernard: Tournament Kata Champion. Hanshi (Chief … Read More

Fuso Kumi Bo 2012
Fuso Kumi Bo Demonstration Video from 2012

The above video shows a demonstration of the basic kobudo bo drill, Fuso Kumi Bo that we performed in 2012. This video was shot when our dojo, The Academy of Traditional Karate, gave a karate and kobudo presentation at our … Read More

Nagamine no Kon Advanced Bo Kata
Nagamine no Kon Bo Kata – Advanced Bo Form

Nagamine no Kon features a series of powerful reverse-cut horizontal strikes that we call Nagamine strikes in honor of Shoshin Nagamine, the founder of Matsubayashi-ryu, a specific version of Shorin-ryu karate do. These moves often begin with a horizontal high … Read More

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